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The family of Florence McCarthy, Coastguard
« on: October 31, 2013, 05:42:11 PM »

I'm in the middle of various strands of family history at the moment, but one concerns my great great great grandfather Florence McCarthy. I realise Florence McCarthy down Beara way is a small bit like John Smith (!) but maybe the details I have might distinguish him.

Rather than the way I found him which was going from most recent backwards, I'll go through it from his time on.

Because Florence had joined the Coastguard, I was able to find out so much about himself and his family. This information was found in the online (and free) records at Kew. For some reason, Coastguard records are free, so I was able to download many of the log books.

He was born about 1806 in "Castletown" which I take to be Castletownbere, since there was the naval base there at the time. He married a Catharine Lyon or Lyne, and joined the Coastguard and was sent to England to begin his career.

Arrive                  Where                                Depart
25-07-1831   St Osyth Tower, Essex   23-Aug-1833
23-Aug-1833   Bovisand                                5-Sept-1834
5-Sept-1834   Elie                                3-Oct-1834
3-Oct-1834   Fraserburgh                 14-Oct-1844
14-Oct-1844   Rutland Island, Donegal   13-Aug-1846
13-Aug-1846          Boatman   Crookhaven   28-Nov-1846 promoted Comm.
28-Nov-1846   Crookhaven                 D.D. 23-Apr-1852 Drowned

My Great great grandfather Charles McCarthy, was born in Bovisand (Plymouth) in 1834. Helena, Mary and Catharine were born in Fraserburgh, Aberdeenshire in 1837, 1839 & 1841. A daughter Mary Anne appears to have been born in Crookhaven in 1849.

So Florence is drowned on 23 April 1852, and by the years end, Charles, now 18 has joined the RIC, recommended by RB Hungerford, at that time the retired Chief Officer at Rock Island. Charles was stationed in Liscannor, Co. Clare, where in 1864 he married Emilia Gill, and it was in Liscannor that my great grandmother Mary was born.

While I realise I'm so lucky to discover so much, I thought I'd post this here in the hope that it might match another family line. Aidan Power's excellent Rock Island book briefly mentions Florence, though unfortunately neither he nor I could find any report about Florence's accident.

If anyone has anything to contribute to this, I'd be grateful. Maybe descendants of Helena, Mary and Catharine ?