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My Sullivan Family
« on: April 10, 2013, 05:10:00 AM »
I am trying to locate where in Ireland my great grand parents, Patrick Sullivan and Ellen Barry, came from. They had a daughter Bridget Sullivan who was born in Ireland between 1861- 1863. Originally, I thought Patrick and Ellen came from near Aughabeg. I actually visited the Beare peninsular on a beautiful day back in April 2011. Unfortunately, it was a Good Friday and I wasn't able to accomplish very much but we did visit Dunboy Castle. I applied to join the Beara Historical Society about that time but it has taken all this time to get approved.

In the meantime I have searched different databases and I have found only one Bridget Sullivan in all of Ireland born in this timeframe with Patrick S and Ellen B as parents. A little surprising but this Bridget was born in Cappamore, Limerick and not in the City or County of Cork.

I am aware of the possibility that some of the Baptismal records maybe missing but I did contact most of the individual parishes in the City of Cork and they were unable to find a record of a Bridget Sullivan born to a Patrick S and Ellen B. According to Roots Ireland the records are 80% complete and so the possibility does exist of another Bridget born to a Patrick S and Ellen B, however the likelihood is small.

Unfortunately we don't have any anecdotal evidence and I am not sure how valid this result is. So I am looking for someone with local knowledge of the Sullivan's and some of their history to help me. I would like them to review my search and work with me in what things to look at. For example, even though this Bridget was born in Cappamore, we know that the family ended up in Wales in 1864. Were Patrick S and Ellen B local or passing through Cappamore and how did they get from Limerick to Wales?

I have tried the local heritage center in Limerick and all they want to do is consult the database and I can do that. I would like someone to add some historical and geographical context. I thought on the off chance someone in your society may be able to help or recommend someone.

Sean Sullivan (